By Nguyen Nhu Phong



1.     Fuzzy Set Theory

2.     Fuzzy Measure Theory

3.     Fuzzy Logic

4.     Neuron Network

5.     Genetic Algorithm

6.     Decision Making

7.     Forecasting

8.     Inventory Planning

9.     Quality Control

10. Project Economic Evaluation

11. Project Scheduling


About the Lecture notes

This lectures notes has been composed by Nguyen Nhu Phong since 1998 with the reference to the following materials :

1.            NGUYEN NHU PHONG Fuzzy Theories & Applications

2.            NGUYEN NHU PHONG Fuzzy Engineering Economy

3.            NGUYEN NHU PHONG Fuzzy Quality Control

4.            NGUYEN NHU PHONG Fuzzy Inventory Planning

5.            NGUYEN NHU PHONG Soft Computing Theories & Applicationsh

6.            NGUYEN NHU PHONG Fuzzy Operation Research.

7.            NGUYEN NHU PHONG Soft Operation Research.

8.            GEOGE J. KLIR AND BO YUAN - Fuzzy Sets And Fuzzy Logic, Theory And Applications

9.            TIMOTHY J. ROSSS Fuzzy Logic With Engineering Applications

10.        CONSTANTIN VON ALTROCK Fuzzy Logic And Neuro-fuzzy, Applications Explained

11.        GERALD W. EVANS, WALDERMAR KAWOWSKI, MICKEY R. WILHELM  Applications of Fuzzy Set Methodologies in Industrial Engineering.

12.        EARL COX - The Fuzzy Systems Handbook

13.        DIDIER DUBOIS, HENRY PRADE. - Possibility Theory - An approach to computerized processing of uncertaity.

14.        LARRY J. GOLDSTEIN, DAVID I. SCHNEIDER, MARTHA J. SIEGEL - Finite Mathematics And Its Applications.

15.        THUESEN FABRYSKY - Engineering Economy

16.        NGUYEN NHU PHONG - Inventory & Materials Management.

17.        NGUYEN NHU PHONG - Engineering Economy.

18.        ROBERT BATESON - Introduction to Control System Technology

  The lecture notes has been offered to master students since the batch of CH04