By Nguyen Nhu Phong


1.          Production Mangement

2.          Forecasting

3.          Product Development

4.          Process Development

5.          Work Mesurement

6.          Capacity Planning

7.          Facility Planning

8.          Production Planning

9.          Production Scheduling

10.     Purchasing Management

11.     Inventory Management

12.     Material Requirement Planning

13.     Distribution Planning

14.     Quality Management

15.     Project Management

16.     Maintenance Management


About the Lecture notes

This lectures notes was composed by Nguyen Nhu Phong in 1999 with the reference to the following materials :

1.           Jay Haizer, Barry Render. Production & Operation Management. 4th edition. Prentice Hall Interntional Edition.

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  The lecture notes was offered to TGE students in 2000