By Nguyen Nhu Phong



1.                 Introduction

2.                 The time value of money

3.                 Equivalence Analysis

4.                 Bases for comparison of alternatives

5.                 Alternative Analysis

6.                 Replacement Analysis

7.                 Break-even & Optimization Analysis

8.                 After-Tax Analysis

9.                 Estimates

10.            Decision making


About the Lecture notes

This lecture notes was composed by Nguyen Nhu Phong in 1999 with the reference to the following materials :

1.     G J . THUESEN, W.J. FABRYSKY. Engineering Economy. 8th edition

2.     E. PAUL DEGAMO, WILLIAM G. SULLIVAN, JAMES A. BONTADELLI. Engineering Economy, 8th edition

1.     HENRY MALCOLM STEINER. Engineering Economic principles, 2nd edition.

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3.     Nguyễn Như Phong. Kinh tế Kỹ thuật mờ. NXBKH&KT. 2006

The lecture notes has been offered to students of since the batch of HT07.