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Please explain why do long rivers ( such as the Nile ) flow along serpentine paths rather than straight?

What is a quantum dot?

If heat rises, why is it so cold in the upper atmosphere?

Is it possible that my computer crashes because of the cosmic radiation?

What are the upper and lower limits for the mass of a neutron star? - and why?

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If Big Bang theory suggests that the universe started out as a homogeneous mass that spread uniformly in all directions, how did we get 'lumps' [stars, galaxies, etc] in the universe?
- asked by: Mike Myers

Is an error in a measurement caused by parallax, an example of random or systematic uncertainty?
- asked by: Stella Nicolson

Can a laser be used to create a plasma, and can that heated plasma then be used for propulsion? How much energy would a laser need to accomplish this?
- asked by: Derek Fell

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