August 2016

Lecturer/assistant professor in the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam

April 2016

Paper on the coupling of AF4 and spICPMS has been accepted by Analytical Chemistry

January 2016

Presentation at the 2016 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry in Tucson, Arizona

August 2014

Paper on the effects of heteroaggregation on the toxicity of silver nanoparticles has been accepted by ES&T Letters 
Presentation at the C. Ellen Gonter Environmental Chemistry Award Symposium - ACS San Francisco 2014

Chen’s group reunion - China Town, San Francisco

May 2014

Doctoral Degree Commencement

Hooding ceremony, with Dr. Kai Loon Chen (Ph.D. advisor)

JHU commencement ceremony. From left to right: Peng Yi (Chen’s group member), President Daniels (JHU president), Dr. Bouwer (department chair), Khanh An Huynh, and Yeunook Bae (Chen’s group member)

March 2014

NRC postdoctoral associate working at the U.S. EPA in Las Vegas
Paper on the dissaggregation of heteroaggregates that are composed of carbon nanotubes and hematite nanoparticles has been accepted by Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts

February 2014

Awarded a 2014 C. Ellen Gonter Environmental Chemistry Award by the ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry for the research on the toxicity of silver nanoparticles
Successfully defended Ph.D. thesis

September 2013

Instructor of the course EN.570.301 Environmental Engineering Fundamentals I in the fall semester

April - May 2013

Visiting student at Nanjing University in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

November 2012

Poster presentation at The First Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization Conference (Arlington, VA)

October 2012

Oral presentation at M. Gordon Wolman Seminar, DoGEE, JHU

June 2012

Oral presentation at the 86th ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)

April 2012

Paper on heteroaggregation of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and hematite nanoparticles is accepted by ES&T

February 2012

Winner of the 2012 Graduate Student Awards in Environmental Chemistry - Division of Environmental Chemistry, American Chemical Society

October 2011

Oral presentation at M. Gordon Wolman Seminar, DoGEE, JHU

June 2011

Oral presentation at ACS Colloids 2011 Symposium (McGill University, Quebec, Canada)

Beautiful McGill University campus

May 2011

Paper on the aggregation kinetics of citrate- and PVP-coated silver nanoparticles is accepted by ES&T 

January 2011

Poster presentation at the 8th VEF Annual Conference (University of Arkansas -Fayetteville, AR) - Best Poster Award

Presenting the poster

The Best Poster Award is an awsome iPad

August 2010

Oral presentation at ACS Fall 2010 National Meeting and Exposition (Boston, MA)

April 2010

Poster presentation at Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology 4th Annual Symposium, Baltimore, MD - Honorable Mention Prize