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 14:00               Registration

 15:30               Opening speech

 16:00               Keynote speech: John Prescott

                        Origins of Food flavour preferences

 17:00:              Poster session & Refreshments

 17:30               Oral session 1: New methods and research tools in consumer research

    Session leaders: Agnès Giboreau and Catherine Dacremont


          P.H. Punter

M. Cadoret, S. Lê,  J. Pagès

 18:30                Exotic testing organized by FIZZ

 19:00                Welcome reception at the symposium venue

                          All delegates are invited.



 9:00                 Keynote speech: Agnès Giboreau

From sensory analysis to perceptive judgment: new approaches to study food preference and behavior

 10:00               Poster session & Refreshments

 10:30               Oral session 2: Food choice and Consumer behaviour studies

    Session leaders: Dominique Valentin and Thongchai Suwonsichon


S. L. Godwin and E. Chambers IV

  • Hedonic response to the tastes of wine in Vietnam: Does the region of origin of consumers matter?

B.V. Do, B. Patris, T. D. Ha , H. D. Nguyen, D. Valentin

C. Dacremont, A. Sutan, F. Galia, J-F. Desmarchelier, D. Valentin

T.X.U Phan, C-F. Sheu


 12:00               Lunch at the HCMUT’s cafeteria

 13:20               Oral session 3: Application in the food industry / Product development

    Session leaders: Hervé Abdi and Ha Duyen Tu


H. Simpson & M. Moragudivenkata (presented by Ai-Tsing Tan)

  • Fatigue level measured by labelled magnitude scale in a beverage model

K. Khajarern, L. Duizer, W. Posri

  • Green Coffee Beans to Brewed Coffee: Evolution of Aroma Attributes

N. Bhumiratana, K. Adhikari, E. Chambers IV


 15:00               Poster session & Refreshments

 15:30               Fizz software presentation and demonstration

    F. Sorrentino

 16:30               Enquirer software presentation and demonstration

M. Cadoret, J. Bouche, G. Fournier, O. Fournier, F. Le Poder, S. Lê

 17:30               Gala dinner



 8:00                 Keynote speech: Prof. Thongchai Suwonsichon

                        Food Consumer Research in ASEAN Countries

 9:00                 Oral session 4: Sensory-instrumental relationship

    Session leaders: Sylvie Chollet and Sébastien Lê


B.T. Nguyen, M.T. Le,  H.D. Nguyen

  • Effect of butter fat levels on headspace concentration of esters on model system detected by HS-SPME Gas Chromatography compare with time intensity flavour release detection

P. Keawwimol, P. Penroj, S.  Samuhasaneetoo


 9:40                 Poster session & Refreshments

 10:00               Round table

    Session leaders: Pieter H. Punter and Edgar Chambers IV

 11:30               Closing ceremony




 P01: Attitude and spending behavior from middle class’s points of view in economic recession period in vietnam, Tam, M.L, and Duoc T.D

 P09: Determination of Heat Sensation of Thai Sweet Chili Sauces by Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Back Propagation Neural Network, Korrakot,W. and Thongchai, S.

 P10: Preference mapping of commercial green tea with roasted brown rice for thai consumers, Varaporn Kritsanakriangkrai, Penkwan Chompreeda, Vichai Haruthaithanasan, and Hathairat Rimkeeree

 P15: Opinion and behavioral survey of menopausal women in Thailand toward soy and soy germ product, Sriwiang Tipkanon, Penkwan Chompreedaa Vichai Haruthaithanasan and Thongchai Suwansichon

 P17: What consumers are able to perform in beer tasting, S. Chollet, M. Lelièvre-Desmas, H. Abdi and D. Valentin

 P23: Effect of age and geographical origin in global preference of consumers for yam tubers and mix wheat yam flour cookies, B. Ranaivosoa, D. Valentin, V.H. Jeannoda, and J.L. Razanamparany

 P24. Mapping the preferences of fish sauces, T.X.U. Phan, M.T. Le, M.T. Lam, X. T. Truong, T.M.H Nguyen and D.H. Nguyen

 P26. Vietnamese Retailer’s Perception of U.S. Beef:  A Focus Group Study, T. T. N. Dinh, H. D Nguyen, J. Lusk, , S. Harp, J. C. Brooks, M. F. Miller, J. Boyce, D. Reed, K. C. Le, S. Maxner, L. D. Thompson



 P02: Generic Descriptive Analysis and Principle Component Analysis for Sensory Characteristic of Thai Commercial Coconut Milk, Saowapark, W. and Thongchai, S.

 P03: Correlation between Heat Attributes and Capsaicin of Chili Sauces Studied by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Combined with Chemometric, Thapanee, S. and Thongchai, S.

 P05: Impact of Processing on Sensory Properties of Fresh Tomatoes, P. Hongsoongnern, E. Chambers IV, and E. Carey

 P08: Combination chemical analysis and sensory evaluation for assessing freeze-dried salmon product stability during storage at various temperatures and packaging conditions, Nguyen, X.D; Crapo, C ; Oliveira, A., and Nguyen, T.H

 P11: The identification of aroma compounds in tom yum flavour using hs-spme with gas chromatography-olfactometry with detection frequency analysis, Ounjitti, S, Penroj, P. and Samuhasaneetoo, S.

 P12: Studies Physical Chemical Properties and Sensory Characteristics  of  Sukiyaki sauce, Sarisuk, S. and Thongchai, S.

 P16:  Flavour profile analysis of Thai chilli paste using gc-ms, e-nose and trained panel, Toontom, N., Meenune, M., Wichaphon, J. and Posri, W.

 P19: Two fatty acids with potent a-glucosidase inhibitory activity purified from sea cucumber, stichopus japonicus, T.H, Nguyen  and S.M, Kim

 P20: Volatile Components and Sensory Characteristics and Consumer Liking of Commercial Brand Oyster Sauces, T.H.D. Nguyen, X-C. Wang, Y. Z. Zhu

 P22:  Relationship between sensory descriptive and chemical property of jiaogulan (gynostemma pentaphyllum.) tea with lime juice, N. Utama-ang and S. Jaisam



 P04: Flavor Changes of Green Tea when Brewed Multiple Times, J. Lee and D. Chambers

 P06: Research in extension of shelf-life of raw meat roll and sauce, Nguyen, A.T, Nguyen,T.T.H, Nguyen, X.D, Nguyen, H.N, and Nguyen, T.B

 P07: Research in producing ready-to-eat product from pink salmon (O. gorbuscha) fillets, Nguyen, X.D; Crapo, C ; Oliveira, A., and Do, T.S

 P13: Determination of the sensory characteristics of mangoes of different varieties and stages of ripeness, Suwonsichon, S., Chambers E.IV., Kongpensook, V., Oupadissakoon, C., Yenket, R., and  Retiveau, A.

 P14: Formulation of flour based peanut snack using mixture design, Pengboon, N., Punsuwan, S. and Siriwongwilaichat, P.

 P18: Application of green tea extract to biscuit cream, Dang Minh Nhat

 P21: Study of Thai consumer behavior on 25% orange juice, Penroj, P.  and Samuhasaneetoo, S.

P25. Anchoring effect in ideal profile methodology, T.H. Nguyen, M.T. Le, T.N.  Do, and H.D. Nguyen