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Part 1: New methods and research tools in consumer research

1.   The ideal profile method: combining classical profiling with jar methodology

      P.H. Punter & T. Worch

2.   Consumer preferences for visually presented meals

G. Gabrielsen, M.D. Aaslyng, & H.H Reisfelt

3.   Observational research: a tool for collecting behavioral data and validating surveys

S.L. Godwin & E. Chambers IV


Part 2: Food choice and consumer behaviour studies

4.   Hedonic response to the tastes of wine in Vietnam: Does the region of origin of consumers matter?  

V.B. Do, B. Patris, T. D. Ha, D.H. Nguyen, & D. Valentin

5.   Coffee or margarita: impact of ambiences on beverage choices in a bar

C. Dacremont, A. Sutan, F. Galia, J-F. Desmarchelier, & D. Valentin

6.   The soupe du jour effect: language as a country-of-origin cue and its impact on product perception

T.X.U. Phan & C-F Sheu

7.   Attitudes and spending behaviours from a middle class point of view during the current economic recession in Vietnam

T.M. Le, D.T. Do, & D.H. Nguyen

8.   Effects of age and geographical origin in preference of consumers for yam tubers and mix wheat yam flours cookies

B. Ranaivosoa,  D. Valentin, V.H. Jeannoda, & J.L. Razanamparany


Part 3: Application in the food industry / Product development

9.   Gaining insight into marketing strategies and retailer perceptions of us beef in Vietnam: a focus group approach


T.T.N. Dinh, D.H. Nguyen, S.S. Harp, L.D. Thompson, J.C. Brooks, M.F. Miller,    J.C. Boyce, D.B. Reed, K.C. Le, S.F. Maxner, & J.L. Lusk


10. Formulation of flour based peanut snack using mixture design

N. Pengboon, S. Punsuwan, & P. Siriwongwilaichat

11. Application of green tea extract to biscuit cream

M.N. Dang           


Part 4: Sensory-instrumental relationship

12. Exploring the optimisation model of Vietnamese consumers for sterilised milks

T.B. Nguyen, T.M. Le, & D.H. Nguyen

13. Three compounds with potent a-glucosidase inhibitory activity purified from sea cucumber Stichopus japonicus

H.T. Nguyen & S.M. Kim

14. Volatile components and sensory characteristics and consumer liking of commercial brand oyster sauces

T.H.D Nguyen, X.C. Wang, & Y.Z. Zhu

15. Relationship between sensory descriptive and chemical property of jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum.) tea with lime juice

N. Utama-ang & S. Jaisam


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