• John Prescott, Assoc.-Professor, University of Newcastle, Australia

          Dr. Prescott is currently an associate professor at School of Psychology at University of Newcastle, Australia. He got his PhD at University of New South Wales in 1986. Since then, he has been working as a researcher and lecturer at different universities and organizations in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and so on. He is now an editor of Food Quality and Preference journal and an Executive Editor of Chemosensory Perception. He is well-known of many publications and books/book chapters in food choice, taste/smell perception, sense and sensation and so on.


  • Agnès Giboreau, Research Director, Paul Bocuse Institute , France 

          Dr. Giboreau is the research director at Paul Bocuse Institute Research centre which is dedicated to the study of eating and food behaviours through three major themes: 1) Taste – Pleasure, 2) Health – Well being, 3) Economy. She is also an associate professor at Department of Neurosciences and Cognition at Lyon University. Dr. Giboreau got her PhD in Food Science at ENSIA-Paris XI University in 1993. She also earned an Msc. in Cognitive Psychology at Paris VIII University in 2001. She is one of sensory scientists who study and develop sensory marketing, which is a new interdisciplinary of sensory science and marketing. She is author of many books/ chapters and publications in sensory science and sensory marketing.


  • Thongchai Suwonsichon, Assoc.-Professor,  Kasetsart University, Thailand

          Dr. Suwonsichon is an associate professor at Department of Product Development, Faculty of  Agro-Industry ,Kasetsart University , Bangkok , Thailand. He got his Ph.D at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA in 1999. In 2004, he had short term training in sensory evaluation at Sensory Analysis Center, Kansas State University with Prof. Edgar Chambers IV. Recently, he has been working as a head of Kasetsart University sensory and consumer research center (KUSCR) and also as a deputy director of Kasetsart University Research and Development Institute (KURDI). His research interest is sensory perception and texture evaluation.