tribeco- saigon beverages joint-stock company

Since 1990, the trade-marks for the Vietnamese beverage market have been very well known and respected by consumers, especially at Ho Chi Minh city beverage market. The Tribeco trademark has been highlighted, not only for its high quality packaging designs and high levels of products quality but also for being favorite of consumer suit taste as well as other activities to spread Tribeco trademark by means of finance for some events such as TV bicycle cup, TV sings and many other programs. These have keeping Tribeco product firmly in people’s minds. Tribeco continues to improve theirs products, the structure of its organization, its distributing system and the industrial itself in order to stand in hard competition of world- top companies.

In 1995, Tribeco invested VND 25 billion into 2 industrial American bottling system for carbonated fresh water (output 300 cans in one minute and 600 bottles in one minute).

In Oct 1997, Tribeco introduced bottled Soya- bean milk with an output of 300 bottles per minute. Launching this product first in Vietnam, Tribeco quickly gained a big market share.
In Oct 1998, Tribeco invested in 2 Tetra Pak paper - packaging Swedish chains, which was very advanced and fully controlled by computers. The products such as Soya- bean milk, cacao & Soya- bean milk, lemon tea, Daisy tea and Peach tea has gained much support from consumers.

In 1999, Tribeco improved the production line and introduced some new products such as Sarsi, Cola, orange juice and Soda in 285ml bottles.

In 2000, Tribeco launched the bottled carbonated fresh water in aluminum 330ml and various kinds of new flavor. Tribeco canned products including Sarsi, Cola. Orange juice, Lemon juice, Soda. These products are featuring good design, high quality and reasonable price, so, can compete with the famous company in the markets.

In June 2001, Tribeco launched a new product: an energy drink contained in 220ml bottle.

Tribeco also attained the ISO 9001 certificate. Tribeco has won the title “High Quality Vietnamese Products”

Products: Carbonated beverages including types of fresh water such as Sarsi, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Cola, grape juice, Stawberry juice, Litchi juice, Peppermint juice) and non- carbonated beverages.
Soya bean milk, Cacao, Daisy tea, Lemon tea, Peach tea, energy drink.

Address: 12 Ky Dong Street, Ward 9, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tell: +848.8249 665

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