Last updated: 15.9.2017

“… Now, I’m very happy and a little bit worry about my future life. But I trust that I will overcome all difficulties to reach success, because teachers do give me completely basic knowledge, problem solving and creativity. ...”

Thái Mai Thành – Honored student with Gold Medal in the convocation 2016

“… no one can bring you to the top except yourselves. But academic environment and people that support you to do that is very important. … Academic staff and academic environment are wonderful at this university, and I will remember the days of my studying here as the most valuable and quality years in my life. …”

Trần Đoàn Bình Dương – Honored student with Silver Medal in the convocation 2016

“… Ngành công nghệ robot - nam thịnh nhưng nữ không suy ...” Nguồn: tuoitre online 04/08/2016.

Sinh viên nữ Từ Thúy Tước, Trường ÐH Bách khoa (ÐHQG TP.HCM), hào hứng khi tham gia làm đồ án chế tạo robot. Ảnh: Hải Quân